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Rejoice with me!  My latest endeavor, “Hand-knit Wool Diaper Cover Pattern,” has made it to the #1 spot!

I know this may not mean much to anyone else, but to me, it means the work was worth it.  Hopefully many will find the pattern useful.  I used the search ‘free pattern for hand knit wool diaper cover’ — the same search that I used a year and a half ago, when I first went searching for diaper cover patterns.

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Dear Reader:  I have begun writing at hubpages.com, as it is better read and more accessed by search engines than individual blogs.   It is a safe site, as Internet security is very important to me.

Because I really want to share this pattern with many, I have posted it there, rather than here.  If you are interested in knitting this, then please follow the link at the bottom of the intro.   If you would rather find the pattern here, let me know via comment.


Searching for a soaker pattern that will keep your baby covered with out overwhelming him? Something that is full and flexible, that will move with his every move? A cover pattern designed for use with 100% wool?

I would like to share my pull-on wool diaper cover pattern with you!

  • Tight knit and made with 100% wool for maximum absorption.
  • Full and flexible, so that it moves with baby and his diapers.
  • 1 x 1 ribbing in the crotch, to fit day-time or night-time diapers.
  • Cut high in back and low in front to keep the diaper fully covered, without overwhelming baby.
  • The leg openings are designed to be close fitting, but not too tight.
  • Cute enough to wear on it’s own!

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While the snow still sits on the ground, making everything muddy, these little beauties brighten my day!

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Sleepy Sophie

Sophie stays away at night reading, but then falls asleep during class the next day. Her mother confronts her on the issue of being unbalanced in her life and not taking care of her whole body. I find I am a little too much like Sophie to say too much, but the idea of being balanced is very appealing. This book shows four areas to be balanced in: body, heart, mind and soul.

7.  Balance Feels Best

Part of the reorganization of the chores was setting aside time each day to do one big task. We now have a baking day and a banking/correspondence day. We have a building/sewing day and a finishing day. Everyday has time for reading and play.

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Jumper and the Lost Butterfly Net

Jumper wants to play, but he is so busy thinking about someone to play with him, that he neglects to listen to what his friends are really saying. In the end, he learns to listen with his ears and his heart.

Listening is an important skill, and it requires more than our ears. It is a skill we all need to practice on a regular basis, because less than 10% communication is contained in the words we use. Just think about a baby talking: “Ann, Ehh, Urr!” accompanied with smiling, squirming, pointing and fussing. They say plenty.

Jumper learns to listen before he talks, with his ears and his heart.

5.  Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

 * * *

This lesson has had a huge impact on all of us.   We have all practiced our listening skills more, and our talking skills less.  After some ‘bug discussions’ this weekend, everyone was happier and more prepared to do their part, as part of the family.  We all felt heard, and decisions were made.

That took us to the next section:  Team Work.

The Big Bad Badgers

A story of team work: The friends learn to work together in order to defeat their opponents when playing soccer. This is a lesson my family needed. I tend to be of the mindset, “A team of one gets things done,” but this story pointed out the power of synergy. They focused on each person using their strengths, and together, won the game:

6.  Together is Better

I coached soccer one summer, and know full well the need to work together. We lost the first two games of the season because the kids fought each other for the ball — each wanting to be the best.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

-Helen Keller


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thinking of others


Lily Plants a Garden

Besides that the book was published by Franklin Covey, this title drew my in. I have been planning my garden and scheming of ways to get the kids excited about it. The sub-title of had me curious.

It is the story of a girl who wants to plant a garden, but her mom says it will be too much work. The girl decides to write up what she will do in order to have the garden, and how her mother will benefit from her having a garden. Mom okays the garden, and the girl gets to work. In the end, everyone benefits.

4.  Think Win-Win

It is about following the golden rule and helping others to be happy. I’m still wondering how to sell the boys on gardening. Maybe, just maybe, they will get that road-side stand they have been dreaming of… But first, I will have to convince them that selling wildflowers stuffed in tin cans does not go with selling vegetables!

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work first

Pokey and the Spelling Test

Spelling tests? Eww! I hated spelling!  I suppose I am not alone, and that is why Sean Covey chose that subject to address procrastination.

Pokey is a porcupine who finds all sorts of activities to distract him from studying, but when test day comes, he fails miserably.   His friends decide to help him study, in order to retake the test, and he learns to Work First, Then Play. Or:

3. Put First Things First

The moral is to just get things done:

  • Don’t complain.
  • Don’t procrastinate.
  • Just do it.

This was just the sort of thing the we needed to hear. Our chore charts, which have worked great for two years, are out of date and in need of reorganizing. The same day Caleb brought the book home, I made up new charts and set into effect new routines. Change is hard, but good.

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