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our first snow


This morning we woke to the sound of rain on the roof.  So much for my plans of digging the garden!  As I fixed breakfast I wondered if the sun would come out and dry things up or if I would have to make new plans…

That is when Benjamin came in from his chores yelling, “Come look, everyone!  It is snowing!”

The boys all rushed the window, eager for a view of the first flakes… And I thought it was bad when the first snow fell at the end of October last year.

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sewing diapers


A few months ago I noticed that all of the diapers were wearing thin.  Some even had holes in them.  “No worries,” I thought, “Gideon will be trained before these were out.”

Ha!  I was sooooo wrong! 

Down to a half dozen diapers without too many holes, I broke down and made some new ones.  In the past I have made fitted ones, but they take about an hour each, and I didn’t find that they held up any better than the flat-fold ones I had purchased.  These went together in 20 minutes, and would be much faster with a surger. 

These are made from some 100% cotton birds eye cloth I purchased a while ago.  It was 36″ wide, and I used a polyester/cotton batting down the center for extra absorbency and quick drying time.

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the way boys play


The boys were working with their father this afternoon, helping to clean out the garage and get it arranged for winter.  After several hours, Manny decided it was time for  a break.  He came in and made some lemonade, but when he went to offer the boys some, found they were already occupied…

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new jammies!


The fabric I ordered a couple of weeks ago has finally arrived!  The kids and I are all very excited, though there has been a lot of mind changing in the past few hours since the fabrics arrival: 

“I like this best.”

“Mom, I changed my mind!  I want this one.”

“Can you make mine out of this?”

“Oh, who is this for?  Can it be mine?”

Yep, they’re children.

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garden boxes


They may not look like much, built of scrap wood from jobs sites, but they are my latest creation!  These four will hold cucumbers, winter squash, horseradish and garlic.  I am so exited to finally have some gardening boxes.  I do not have enough compost to fortify the entire garden, so these will hold what I do have for the plants that need them most.

I am working on a bit deeper on to hold tomatoes, I would like it to be fairly large.  If I can come up with enough lumber, I want to build a greenhouse.   We will see…

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The sleeves are finished, the sweater has been sewn together and now the front edging is going on… and I have another idea…

Daniel is sitting beside me, working on his math.  I am looooving this work book I found for him, made by Kumon.

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