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Today I finally got a bunch of gifts wrapped and ready to give.  This is the first time I have actually seen some of the gifts laid out.  I knew what they would look like, in my mind, but it is nice to see them come together as planned.

This gift is a pampering set for a friend.  It has a pillow case, a knit wash clothe, hair-pins, bath salts and a bar of oatmeal soap.  Hope she enjoys!

I love making themed gifts.  They are simple to coordinate, and fun to collect for.  Another friend is getting a red gift set… The only draw-back is not going overboard.  It is easy to  spend too much without a budget.

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Dear Readers:

I would like to invite you to take part in a drawing that will be held right here, on this site!  For Christmas, I would like to give away three copies of  this wonderful four book set:  ‘To Train up a Child,’ and ‘No Greater Joy,’ volumes 1, 2, & 3, by Micheal and Debi Pearl; published by No Greater Joy Ministries

These books came to my family, as a gift, four years ago.  Implementing the wisdom found within totally transformed the way we raise our children, and live our life. 

Friends and strangers alike, constantly let us know what a delight our children are.  Acquaintances and frustrated parents ask our advice.  One lady, in a restaurant, pulled us aside, and said, with tears in her eyes, “I have finally seen a Godly family.  Today, I am blessed.”  I am not telling you this to brag, but to encourage you that there is hope for your family.  You can have a joyful home and obedient, happy children.

I thought of offering these to you, when my charge’s dad asked me if I could give him some advise–any advise, on how not to raise a brat!  He has a sweet little girl, but he sees things in her he does not like, and he knows it is his parenting that needs to change.   He is getting a set of these books for Christmas.

If you too would like to receive a set for Christmas, leave a comment here by the 15th of December (2008), when I will hold the drawing.  Winners will be announced on the 16th.

Merry Christmas,


* * *

The Winner:  Shawna Palmer Matthews! 

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This is the last of my Christmas sewing, for friends and extended family! 

Thanx for cheering for me.

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From the first moment that I stamped this little tea towel with the violet, it called out to be delicatessen.  I pondered, as my plan had been to simply outline it in cheerful colors, using a backstitch; however, it was very apparent that that would not do. 

This little one demanded to be so much more.  The longer I looked at it, the more apparent it became that I had seen this flower before.  Not just the stamp, but the flower itself.  Then I realized that it is very similar to the design on my mother’s best china.  Wow!

When picking this design for my mom, I never thought about her china.  I simply picked something that reminded me of her, though I knew not why.  I guess somethings are deeply buried, and it takes a sassy towel, to bring them out.   

Once I knew the reason it had to be worked in satin stitch, I also knew the colors.  Amazingly, I had the threads and the ribbon, in the exact colors I invisioned using.

Working this up was so much fun.  When I looked at it initially, I was wary.  It had been years since I had pursued anything of the sort, and I was not sure my skills were up to it.  Happily, I was wrong. 

While it is not perfect, there are some changes I would make if I were to do it again, I am satisfied.  Most of all, I know mom will love it.

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My goal for the month of October has been to complete all my Christmas shopping and crafting.

October is one week from over, and I am doing well on meeting my gaol.  This is a stack of finished projects.  Completely Finished.  These items have been washed, blocked, and/or ironed.  They are ready to package and give.  This afternoon, or sometime this weekend, I hope to get out my sewing machine to hem some towels, make a pillowcase, and do some mending.

I think the mending is what has been holding me back.  I feel obligated to do it, but wonder if it is really worth the time it takes…oh well…it makes my husband happy. 

When I finish sewing, I will be left with two wash clothes and one dish cloth to knit, two hot-pads to crochet, bread, muffin and cookie mixes to assemble, and candy to make.  I may wait on making the candy until I am ready to mail things out, so that it does not get old; besides, candy making ingredients are usually on sale after Thanks Giving.  I also have a sweaters for my husband and boys under construction… 

I have realized that getting all of my Christmas sewing done this month is a little too much.  The things for my family, that I need to keep hidden are going to take more time.  Another thing I did not account for, when I made this goal, was the two birthdays in November.  I am currently trying to squeeze in some knitting for those, as well.  

I am happy with the progress I have made, but I have a ways to go.  This next week is crunch time…I love a deadline!  …now, to not make it exclusive: to keep up with my chores and duties…  I’ll show the gifts as they are assembled, and packaged to give.

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This little towel, which needs to be hemmed, is my first adventure in black work.  I have always used a variety of colors when embroidering, but this design seemed to beg for simplicity.  I think I will combine this with a black towel, and give it to my mother-in-law.   It will go well with her dish clothes.

Ironically, another linen towel, that I stamped from the same set of transfers, simply calls out for color and trimming.  The colors I envision using on it should make it perfect for my mom…it will go with her best china.  Now, off to find matching ribbon.  There should be some in my stash.

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