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winter out my window

I love seeing the newly fallen snow sitting on the tree in my front yard.  I love the way it clings and piles up on the smallest surfaces.  It doesn’t last long, though, as any little breeze is prone to knocking it down and if the sun comes out it will melt and drip.  The sleds and shovel, the empty bird house and ski poles are all indicators that winter finally fully upon us.

Hope you are enjoying the new year, and that you are finding a touch of beauty n your day.

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who needs a cat?

This morning the kids read about Ermine, a member of the Mustelidae family, and realized that the weasels they have been seeing are Ermine! 

The ones we have here are not often seen, but traces of them are found frequently… Footsteps on the back deck and around the perimeter of the house.  I have never had any sign of them in the buildings, though, and none have turned up in any of our traps.  They can grow up to 12″ long, but most that we have seen are about 7″ long.

Ermine are brown in the spring and summer but white in the winter.  They feed off of small animals such as rabbits and rats.  It seems, we could use a few more of these, as the dog killed another rat this week.  The good news is that they have 3-13 babies each spring. 

According to Wikipedia, they are territorial, and only one of each sex is likely to be found in any given location.

Image found here.

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getting a tan


You would think I had teenage girls, instead of little boys, by the way they have been acting lately.

Every chance they get, they are out in the sun.  Shoes and shirts disappear in a flash and sun tanning begins.  Oh, they claim, that they take off their unnecessary clothing because it is hot — I think it got up to 45* one day so far — not because they are tanning, but I don’t believe them.  They are finding any place that is high and dry to soak up the rays.

Happy St. Patrick Day!

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It being a bright sunshiny day, the boys pulled out the wet suits, to see what fit whom.  After the older boys pulled and straigned, they decided the suits were too small, and let their brothers try. 

Finding the suit to fit, Daniel determined not to take it off until after he had been swimming.  (Since we still have two feet of snow, that will be a while.)  Gideon, however, had other ideas:  He chased Daniel all over the house, trying to unzip the suit, because he wanted to wear it!

How are you dealing with spring fever?

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Warm temperatures greeted us yesterday afternoon, and we revelled in them.  I think it was about 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  Oh, yes, chilly still, but not so cold that we didn’t enjoy some school on the front steps, and the bikes have been dug out!

If this weather continues, I will be planning my garden, knowing full well that it will be at least two months before we can till the soil.  The town cop will be waving as he drives by while I sit on the porch, knitting — despite the snow!

Are you enjoying spring?

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feeding the fire


Last night, the boys came in after playing all day, in our wonderful deep snow, and set about warming up next to the stove.   Adam got permission to stoke the fire, as it was low; but then… I heard funny things.

When I investigated, I found Adam running the vent, Benjamin collecting scraps from the floor, and Caleb scooping bark out of the barrel.   He was bobbing up and down, like a little Jack-in-the-Box, working frantically.  The way they were running about reminded me of squirrels…  I was laughing so hard, I had to run for the camera.

They were working with such determination to not get wood and yet keep the fire blazing! 

I think I would have just hauled some wood in…

(Sorry about the spots…it must have been that dusty)

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snow enthusiastic


We Finally Have Snow!!!

This morning we woke up with a snowy blanket covering the ground.  It is real snow–not just an icy skiff–coming down.  Deep powder, soft and gentle, it is piling up into a skier’s paradise!  This Christmas break is going to be fun.

When Benjamin saw it, he began shouting, “Hurray! Hurray!  I finally get to shovel!  I really get to shovel!” and off he went. 

The other were close behind, and all but the youngest was dressed and out in it before breakfast.  They have been loving the powdery whiteness all morning, and are curently…shoveling.  However, they have forgotten the walks, and are piling it higher and higher–so they can jump off the horse trailer into it.  O, to be a kid again…

Meanwhile, the snow continues to fall, making me glad we are not traveling this year.  I am looking forward to our Christmas Eve ski trip to cut a tree.  Then,  the warm house, as we decorate it and drink hot cocoa.   The presents have piled up, waiting to surprise young eyes, and the light are anxious to glow brightly, delighting young and old alike. 

I think I’ll go pop some more pop-corn, so they can string and eat when they come in…they will be ready for it.

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