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Right after our fourth son was born, my husband bought me this Christmas Cactus.  It bloomed beautifully the first year.  Then next fall, I had a few small flowers.  Then, the next two years, nothing happened.  I think it is because the house was bright for too many hours of the day.

Now, it has the most beautiful flowers on it I have ever seen on a Christmas Cactus!  This lovely flower is nearly three inches long.  It reminds me so much of a beta fish.


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I am loving life in my garden.  Everyday has new surprises and joys.  It is fun to see the peonies blooming, after several looong years of waiting.  Their sent is one of the most magical to me.  Calming and yet invigorating!

This summer, thought it has only just begun is going by much too fast for my liking.  There is always something that needs to be done.  I just want to sit by and enjoy.  So I take a little time each day, to smell the roses peonies, and enjoy all the beauty around me.

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A lovely violet colored bearded iris, complete with orange beards.

Bearded Iris are one of my favorite flowers.  They grow in almost any soil, whether dry or damp.  They thrive without attention, for years at a time.  At my grandma’s there was a couple of clumps growing out behind some out buildings.  No one could recollect who had planted them out there, and though the clump was growing on top of itself, still it grew.  Grew and bloomed, with lovely blue flowers.

When I first moved to this home, I ordered up a bunch of iris from a garden supply catalog.  I also ordered a set of mixed iris and a set of cotton candy pink iris.  Eighteen bulbs in all.  They came in the fall, just as the first snow was settling on the ground. 

I planted them in my garden, hoping for a rainbow of colors come spring. 

That first year, nine of the mixed colored ones bloomed.  I had an assortment of yellows and purple/white ones.  Lovely, but non of the colors I had hoped for.  Only half of the pink ones came up, and I called the company for replacements — which never came. 

Then next year, they did better, but it was then that I discovered that the cotton candy pink ones where not pink!  They were a lovely shade of peach.  Something I never would have ordered, and still, of the three that had grown, only two bloomed.

That fall, I had to move the iris.  I was glad I had noted which plants were which colors, so I could replant them in clumps.  Upon digging the iris, I discovered that my 18 original bulbs (minus those that never grew) had turned into 150 bulbs!  In just two seasons…

When I replanted, I carefully clumped the colors I was sure of, and placed the mystery bulbs along one edge.  There where two colors of yellow, a rich gold with brown beards and a smaller light yellow with yellow beards.  The purple ones and the peach ones.  This spring, the dark gold ones never bloomed, and I couldn’t tell where they were suppose to be, but this purple, which I had never seen before, took it’s place.

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Looking out my front window today, I spied these little flowers that I have never seen before, growing where we transplanted all sorts of things a couple of years ago.  It seems that our hard work is finally paying off, because there are many new little plants out there. 

I found roses, of a variety other than the wild ones that grow so abundantly around here.  Something with a strong stem and large glossy leaves, standing 6″ tall — it may be a shrub or a tree.  Raspberries are coming up too.  It seems we will have the wild garden we dreamed of, in this little patch of yard!

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While the snow still sits on the ground, making everything muddy, these little beauties brighten my day!

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