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more snow

100_6105 We awoke Saturday to snow on the ground and in the air. 

I have never seen snow in this area so early, and it does send a message of urgency!  We began to clean up all of the fall progects, just in case this one doesn’t melt off, but a little after breakfast the sun broke throughthe clouds and things began to melt.  By today, it was all gone.

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our squash harvest


I had hoped to leave these on the vine for another month or so, but the sudden snow, and the cold temperatures that followed forced an emergency picking time.  Only one of them is of eating size, but the boys gathered everything!  Don’t you just love their enthusiasm?  I sure do.

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garden boxes


They may not look like much, built of scrap wood from jobs sites, but they are my latest creation!  These four will hold cucumbers, winter squash, horseradish and garlic.  I am so exited to finally have some gardening boxes.  I do not have enough compost to fortify the entire garden, so these will hold what I do have for the plants that need them most.

I am working on a bit deeper on to hold tomatoes, I would like it to be fairly large.  If I can come up with enough lumber, I want to build a greenhouse.   We will see…

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I just love the way the morning sun shines through the hollyhocks in the garden.  Every day I take time just to enjoy the view out my back door.  The hummingbirds zoom from flower to flower, chasing each other around and around the stalks and through the fence.  What a delight!

What are you taking time to enjoy today?

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just give ’em dirt


Boy love their toys, and they love dirt.  I can’t seem to keep them out of the garden.  The other day, they tried to plow up the Egyptian onions that I had spent the day planting.  They felt, that I had ruined their roads, planting all those onions.

Now I have them reigned in to the edges and pathways.  They are learning where things grow, and where they don’t.

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If you knew…

…how many times I have planted cucumbers 

…how many times I have dreamed of jars of pickles

…how many times I’ve had not a single plant come up

…or all the times my plants have been eaten by grasshoppers the moment they are above ground…

Then you would understand my joy at finding not one, but three little flowers today!  The plants are only about 6″ tall, and it being almost August, I was afraid that once again I would have no cucumbers to pickle.

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The middle of July is a special time of year here.  It is the beginning of berry picking season!  Huckleberries are the first berry to ripen.  They are small and tangy-sweet, a relative of the blueberry.  There are actually at least eight varieties of Huckleberries, all know by their characteristic dimples on the blossom end.

Today the boys and I took a little drive to our favorite picking site, after asking God to bless our trip with an abundance of Huckleberries. 

Last year we never found a single Huckleberry.   I assumed late frosts froze the blooms.  We tried repeatedly, and finally found some of them blooming mid August, but it froze hard, before the berries ripened.   This year, I drove to a wide spot in the road, parked and we gathered three cups of berries in about an hour!  It was so fun, watching them picking and eating, eating and picking. 

Everyone got involved, even baby.  He ate much more than he contributed to the buckets, in fact, when he first discovered the buckets, he thought he should be able to eat out of the bucket, instead of picking his own.

Since it is just the beginning of the season, we will be picking much more.  Only one of the three varieties, small little bushes that only grow 8″-12″ tall, are ripe.  The largest variety, which grow closer to three feet tall, are still in bloom. 

God is so good to us.  We asked Him to bless us with berries, and He  gave us more in an hour than I had hoped to find.  He also showed us that there would be much, much more to pick, in the near future.

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