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This week we have spent time each day writing Thank Yous to friends and relatives, who blessed us at Christmas.  Saying thank you was one of my least favorite things to do as a child, because it meant writing an inadequate letter–for those gifts I really liked, but didn’t know how to say so, without being gushy or wordy, or the opposite, one I simply did not mean–for those gifts I would have rather not of had.  Thankfully, the latter kind were few and far between…

I always felt the need to be very specific, and to make sure my note was as much of a blessing as the gift I had received was to me.  To that end, I undertook to make a few simple note cards, which can be dressed up, to suit the recipient.  I, at least, am confident sending these out.  They carry my good will, even if they will not be cherished.  Some ideas have to be let go of, and I am glad to say, every note I have written so far this year, has been completely heart felt.

My children seem to have none of these hang-ups.  They are perfectly content to say, ‘Thank you for,’ and simply list everything they were given by the individual.  The letters are done.  The fuss is over; and life goes on.

I’m sure there is merit in both outlooks.  When a truly special, unexpected gift arrives, it is nice to be able to let someone know how grateful you really are.  Yet, when something unusable arrives, it is good to let the person know you appreciated the thought, and move on, without feeling guilty.

My mother taught me this one summer, when a woman decided that we were poor and she should help us out.  She began bringing food by.  Food she had pulled out of the dumpster behind the grocery store.  Food that had been on her shelves for years, and was covered in dust. 

My mom graciously accepted the gifts, wrote a nice thank you note, and through the trash away.  As not to hurt the woman’s feelings, my mother began setting aside some produce from the garden, to bestow on this woman.  She soon saw that we had plenty–after all, we were sharing it with others.  That simple act of kindness put a stop to the unwanted gifts.

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themed gifts


Today I finally got a bunch of gifts wrapped and ready to give.  This is the first time I have actually seen some of the gifts laid out.  I knew what they would look like, in my mind, but it is nice to see them come together as planned.

This gift is a pampering set for a friend.  It has a pillow case, a knit wash clothe, hair-pins, bath salts and a bar of oatmeal soap.  Hope she enjoys!

I love making themed gifts.  They are simple to coordinate, and fun to collect for.  Another friend is getting a red gift set… The only draw-back is not going overboard.  It is easy to  spend too much without a budget.

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My goal for the month of October has been to complete all my Christmas shopping and crafting.

October is one week from over, and I am doing well on meeting my gaol.  This is a stack of finished projects.  Completely Finished.  These items have been washed, blocked, and/or ironed.  They are ready to package and give.  This afternoon, or sometime this weekend, I hope to get out my sewing machine to hem some towels, make a pillowcase, and do some mending.

I think the mending is what has been holding me back.  I feel obligated to do it, but wonder if it is really worth the time it takes…oh well…it makes my husband happy. 

When I finish sewing, I will be left with two wash clothes and one dish cloth to knit, two hot-pads to crochet, bread, muffin and cookie mixes to assemble, and candy to make.  I may wait on making the candy until I am ready to mail things out, so that it does not get old; besides, candy making ingredients are usually on sale after Thanks Giving.  I also have a sweaters for my husband and boys under construction… 

I have realized that getting all of my Christmas sewing done this month is a little too much.  The things for my family, that I need to keep hidden are going to take more time.  Another thing I did not account for, when I made this goal, was the two birthdays in November.  I am currently trying to squeeze in some knitting for those, as well.  

I am happy with the progress I have made, but I have a ways to go.  This next week is crunch time…I love a deadline!  …now, to not make it exclusive: to keep up with my chores and duties…  I’ll show the gifts as they are assembled, and packaged to give.

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