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Okay, so I am bragging again.  Please indulge me for a moment! 

When I returned home from my recent trip, the house was a disaster.  I set to work cleaning it, but was fustrated and unmotivated to get anything done.  I had imagined coming home to a house that was at least as clean as I had left it, since my husband always tells me he is the neat one… Anyway, a new article was born out of the fustration, and it has been well recieved! 

Yes, that’s right, people love it.  🙂  See for yourself:


It made it to the #1 hot spot, in less than 24 hours, and that makes me very happy!

Would you like to read it?  7 Insiring ways to Keep your House Clean

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Dear Reader:  I have begun writing at hubpages.com, as it is better read and more accessed by search engines than individual blogs.   It is a safe site, as Internet security is very important to me.

Because I really want to share this pattern with many, I have posted it there, rather than here.  If you are interested in knitting this, then please follow the link at the bottom of the intro.   If you would rather find the pattern here, let me know via comment.


Searching for a soaker pattern that will keep your baby covered with out overwhelming him? Something that is full and flexible, that will move with his every move? A cover pattern designed for use with 100% wool?

I would like to share my pull-on wool diaper cover pattern with you!

  • Tight knit and made with 100% wool for maximum absorption.
  • Full and flexible, so that it moves with baby and his diapers.
  • 1 x 1 ribbing in the crotch, to fit day-time or night-time diapers.
  • Cut high in back and low in front to keep the diaper fully covered, without overwhelming baby.
  • The leg openings are designed to be close fitting, but not too tight.
  • Cute enough to wear on it’s own!

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People are People

By Christa Dovel

The question was asked:    “What can we do to stop the dreadful disease racism that’s killing the world?”

And this is my answer:

And the second [commandment] is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. ”          -Matthew 22:39

In one word: Understanding.

Understanding that…

  • …people are people, regardless of their color.
  • …everyone has something to contribute to society.
  • …one’s behavior affects how one is seen.
  • …God desires to give good thing to mankind.
  • …there is no need to fight for supremacy.

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Blocks:  There are so many things you can do with them! 

A simple science lesson is built into every single one.  If your child asks about the sun picture, take time to point out the sunshine in the sky, and talk about all the things the sun does.  If your child likes the owl, read a book about an owl with him.  Talk about balance, as he builds.  Give him the vocabulary to communicate, as he works.  Talk about shape and size, texture and weight. 

Talk about how blocks are made, and where they come from.   Show your children how you built houses or bridges, when you were a child.

Get down on their level, and play with them.  Lear with them.  Teach them.  Don’t be afraid to introduce something new.  They may not learn it all.  You may not know it all, but together you can learn and grow.

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The planner I bought for school is a typical school assignment planner.  It has a calender at the beginning of each month and weekly pages. 

On the calender pages I record all of our commitments, appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and accomplishments.  In the Notes section, I do my advance planning, so I know what I need to focus on.  In August, it was Vacation Bible School and berry picking/processing.  This month, it is taxes, spring cleaning, sewing and socializing.

On the weekly pages I record the school work that we have done, each day.  I take complete notes on the reading, writing and arithmetic assignments.  I also keep a record of art, P.E. and musical accomplishments.  Refer to the Home Schooling page for our basic schedule.

The sticky note is where I do my planning for the upcoming week.  On it, I list the resource and the lessons I hope to accomplish.  This helps to keep me on track.  It only takes only a few minutes each week; and, it lets the kids know that I am not piling excessive work on them. 

I only plan one week at a time so I can adjust easily.  Before we began this school year, I had sat down with all of the materials and tried to figure out how far we would get in a years time.  In the first three weeks of school we had covered most of what I had planned on taking us through Thanks Giving.  Tho, there have been a few times, when I have had to slow down.  Some things they have not pick up on as quickly as I thought they would.

This is the beauty of home schooling.  Each person is allowed to learn a subject and move on.  If they know the spelling words, we do not spend a week reviewing them.  If they don’t get a subject right away, we may drag it out for a week or more, until they are proficient and ready to move on.  In this manner, they are confident of what they know.  They have not only learned a subject, but mastered it to the degree it was taught.


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The first thing we did this year was decide on each person’s color, and get supplies accordingly.  Adam chose bright orange — a change from his old favorite, bright yellow.  Benjamin chose cobalt blue; and Caleb, fire-engine red.  I have lime green. 

Trappers and scissors where easy to find, but pencils and notebooks that suited our purposes were rather scares.  We resorted to paint, and I think we have enjoyed our colors more, because of it.  The pencils are wooden #2’s.  The paint is acrylic.  Each of us painted three pencils at the beginning of the year.  Some of the pencils have been sharpened to stubs, but none have been lost.    We can tell whose notebook is left out, from across the room.  The system has worked well.

The kids like it, because they know when their things are out, or when someone else is using their supplies.  We did put a 5c fine on using other peoples things… so far, I think I am the only one who has had to pay.  They have really taken responsibility of  their things.  This is a great change from years past!

We keep all the school supplies in one cupboard:  The books are on a shelf, the pencils and scissors are in a jar.  Art supplies take up most of the space.

I am considering applying this color coding to more things, such as their socks, towels and travel supplies.  I would like to apply it to their clothing, but since we live with hand-me-downs (from one brother to the next), that won’t work.  Oh well, I don’t like bright orange jeans!

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What is your bathroom telling you?

Money is like energy and ideas. It flows from one place to another, from one person to another. Sometimes my husband and I are very deliberate about where the money goes, but other times, it seems to leak out of our account without our notice.

Have you experienced this? One day your finances look fine, the next, half of your money seem to be unaccountably gone. Where did that money go? Were there any warning signs?

Studies suggest that there were.  Read more…

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