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When it comes to life, I find autumn a reflective time of year.  The happy and sad memories run together, creating a painting of our lives. This painting is filled with the rich times, like red and orange leaves, and the sad time, like frost on the bare trees. Altogether, the picture is beautiful, but bit by bit, it is sad.
I am so thankful for the good times and the bad.  If not for the sad times, would I know how to appreciate the good times?

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Yesterday afternoon I noticed a strange color had taken over the sky, but clouds were building, so I didn’t give it too much more thought.  Then it began to rain and hail.  Odd, the sky was yellow instead of green.  Oh well, I thought, this altitude is so different than the one I grew up at, things may just be that different.

Then the clouds cleared, but the sky didn’t.  It was then we smelled smoke in the air. 

The night before we woke to terrible thunder.  The lightning was so close that it shook the house.  We would hear the initial crack of thunder, then a moment of silence before it began to echo up the valley.  It lasted only a short time, before moving on, but made me grateful for all the controlled burning that the forest service has done this year.

However, even with the controlled burning, the lightning found something.  Evidently, it wasn’t something too big, because this morning, the smoke is gone and the sky is clear!

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I once read, that if growing hollyhocks was as difficult as growing roses, then they would be just as appreciated.  I think this is true. 

Hollyhocks have always been one of my favorite flowers.  Their tall stalks seem to rise effortlessly overhead and the flowers, bright and cheerful, are like rays of sunshine, smiling at the world.  They became even more significant to me when my great-aunt Beverly showed me how to make southern bells out of the flowers and buds.  We were visiting her at her home in South Sioux City, NE  when she showed my siblings and I how to stack   several open flowers on a toothpick to form the skirt of our Southern Bell, then add a bud for the head and another, smaller, open flower for a hat.   We covered her house in these glorious ladies, and still, there were more flowers to be had.

Here, I have them growing in front of my house, steadily creeping into the lawn.  When I moved in, there was three plants.  A white, a dark salmon and a light salmon.  The next year several pink ones made themselves known.  Now I have colors ranging from almost black, deep burgundy, pink, yellow, white, salmon and multi-colored ones.   Extras have been carefully transplanted to fill in areas of the landscaping that need more color and less weeds. 

I love the way these hardy plants will even crowd out the most aggressive grasses and weeds.  I love how their roots go deep, and how little water they need to survive.  I love that they are prone to thriving!

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Okay, so I am bragging again.  Please indulge me for a moment! 

When I returned home from my recent trip, the house was a disaster.  I set to work cleaning it, but was fustrated and unmotivated to get anything done.  I had imagined coming home to a house that was at least as clean as I had left it, since my husband always tells me he is the neat one… Anyway, a new article was born out of the fustration, and it has been well recieved! 

Yes, that’s right, people love it.  🙂  See for yourself:


It made it to the #1 hot spot, in less than 24 hours, and that makes me very happy!

Would you like to read it?  7 Insiring ways to Keep your House Clean

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People are People

By Christa Dovel

The question was asked:    “What can we do to stop the dreadful disease racism that’s killing the world?”

And this is my answer:

And the second [commandment] is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. ”          -Matthew 22:39

In one word: Understanding.

Understanding that…

  • …people are people, regardless of their color.
  • …everyone has something to contribute to society.
  • …one’s behavior affects how one is seen.
  • …God desires to give good thing to mankind.
  • …there is no need to fight for supremacy.

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In Cheyenne, my cousin and I had been within thirty feet of the stage. It was awesome, and I wanted the same experience again. Except, now I was married, and this time it would be with my husband.

… I would be able to dance with him, the love of my life, instead of some drunk, who happened to be standing near by …

I asked my love to take me… read more…

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Have you ever wondered if there is an alternitive to dry active yeast, besides sour dough?  Are you curiouse as to how a home maker obtained yeast before it was readily avalible on the market?  I was, and I found some answers…

At first I was skeptical.  Aren’t hops for beer?  Yes, and no.  They also make a wonderful fresh yeast that keeps well and makes lovely bread. 

For my recipe, see here…


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