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Decided to start this year off right, with a pan of gooey, sticky cinnamon rolls.  It is a new year, and time for some new beginnings.  New traditions, more fun, and less rules.

I have really missed writing here, and want to resume.  However, I will be taking a new rout this year.  I am no longer focusing on pretty pictures or deep thoughts.  I am not going to kick myself for sharing the nitty gritty of everyday life.  My goal is to find beauty in the everyday things.  Today, it was the joy of my family as they consumed these rolls.  It was the butter and syrup bubbling all around them, as they cooked.  It was Daniel, joyfully dancing around with his first loaf of bread, proudly sharing it with everyone.  These are the beautiful things.   What are the beautiful things in your life?

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To make these rolls, I melted 3 tablespoons of butter in the pan, poured in some corn syrup and sprinkled on some pecans.  Then  rolled a batch of Hop Yeast Bread dough out into a 12″ x 18″ rectangle, buttered it, sprinkled on cinnamon and sugar, then rolled it up into an 18″ long log.  Sliced the rolls and placed them in the pan to rise.  They were baked for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees.  To serve, dump pan upside down onto a sheet of waxed paper and scrap all the gooey topping onto the rolls.  Eat while still warm.


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When it comes to life, I find autumn a reflective time of year.  The happy and sad memories run together, creating a painting of our lives. This painting is filled with the rich times, like red and orange leaves, and the sad time, like frost on the bare trees. Altogether, the picture is beautiful, but bit by bit, it is sad.
I am so thankful for the good times and the bad.  If not for the sad times, would I know how to appreciate the good times?

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While picking berries, we found this red mushroom.  I have no idea what kind of mushroom it is, but it reminded me to take time to find the hidden beauties in everyday life.  

It also reminded me of all the stories I have hear of the power of mushrooms to change things, like the little cap ones, that break through sidewalks and crack foundations.  Something so seemingly frail, and yet…  there is power.  It reminds me of prayer.  There is a true power in prayer, despite the fact that you can’t see it or feel it.

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From under the protective wings of the mother hen, little chicks do peek.  Growing larger every day, until they are ready to be on their way.  Out in the big ol’ word, they will roam, but never too far from home.

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Okay, so I am bragging again.  Please indulge me for a moment! 

When I returned home from my recent trip, the house was a disaster.  I set to work cleaning it, but was fustrated and unmotivated to get anything done.  I had imagined coming home to a house that was at least as clean as I had left it, since my husband always tells me he is the neat one… Anyway, a new article was born out of the fustration, and it has been well recieved! 

Yes, that’s right, people love it.  🙂  See for yourself:


It made it to the #1 hot spot, in less than 24 hours, and that makes me very happy!

Would you like to read it?  7 Insiring ways to Keep your House Clean

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Migrating birds are one of the many joys of spring, and this spring has been no exception.  We have enjoyed many species of birds in our yard, and the children have fallen in love with their visits to the river.  The first Sunday we went, we just wanted to spend some time alongside the water.  We were not expecting anything other than a little R&R.  Little did we know that we would be greeted by flocks of hungry birds. 

Down to the water’s edge, for a better view, the boys went.  The hungry birds flocked to their hands.   “What can we feed them?”  They cried, in wonderment. 

“Well, I do have a bit of bread in the car,” I told them. 

“Yea!”  They cheered, running for the vehicle.  They returned with all the bread they could find, armed and ready for the feeding frenzy.

At first, the birds were careful to keep their distance, but then a white duck, and escape from some farm, began to nibble from Benjamin’s hands.  A Canadian Goose soon followed suit.  Next thing I know, they want to bring some birds home! 

“Mom, I’m sure I could catch one!”  “See, Mom, they like me.  This one is eating from my hand.”  “Please!?!”  

Of course, I understood, but still had to say “No.”  After all, “Where would the poor ducky live?  We don’t have any water in out back yard, and the ducks like to have water.” 

But boys are full of solutions.  “We could turn on the hose for it,” Adam suggested.  “I could make a pond for it,”  Caleb declared.  “Mom, this one really likes me.  I know it would be happy at our house, even without water,” Benjamin persisted.

Still, I held my ground.  When the last of the bread was gone, we said our good bye’s and headed home, with promises to return another day.

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Rejoice with me!  My latest endeavor, “Hand-knit Wool Diaper Cover Pattern,” has made it to the #1 spot!

I know this may not mean much to anyone else, but to me, it means the work was worth it.  Hopefully many will find the pattern useful.  I used the search ‘free pattern for hand knit wool diaper cover’ — the same search that I used a year and a half ago, when I first went searching for diaper cover patterns.

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