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These last few days have been filled with painting:  The kids all got painting supplies for Christmas, courtesy of Nana.  They opened all their gifts, looked everything over, then gathered the painting supplies and  began filling pages with anything that came to mind.  It is fun to see their creativity.

Even Gideon got some paint.  I kept it in the packaging as long as possible, not real excited to have my baby painting; but eventually, he got them out, and insisted on joining the party!  As you can see, he tasted as much as he painted, but was very happy to be doing what the others were.  I think the actual concept of painting escaped him, as he scribbled with both ends, equally.

I was also painting; however, I was not creating a masterpiece.  Caleb’s room was turned from green to blue.  He has asked about redecorating his room for two years now, so, for Christmas, I got the paint, and made it happen.  I thought he would be thrilled, but instead he asked, “Can you paint me a picture with frogs in it now?”  I guess creativity is next on my list.

The room really did need to be repainted, although blue was not my first choice–I really like the green that was in there, and with frogs…oh well.  He saw a nursery done in blue and white with navy frogs several years ago, and was mesmerized.

The walls had so many chips and dents, it took me the better part of one day to get it ready for painting.  I have to admit that it looks much better, and I think he will take better care of it, now that he really can make it look nice. 

As for blue frogs?  I don’t know that my imagination can wrap around painting them.  (Sewing some stuffed ones?  Yes.  Painting them? ???)  A blue pond, a blue sky, and green frogs (maybe even with yellow and purple shading, like we saw in one book)?  I can handle that. 

It turned out quite well, despite my hesitations, and I am inspired to do something more for the room.  I will be making some curtains soon; but the frogs, if ever, will have to come after that.

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