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…at Christmas!  My order of seeds just arrived.  They feel great.  So alive and vibrant!

I tried hard to judge how much I would need for one year, but it looks like I got a bit carried away.  This should last several years, or I should have much more food to store than I did this year. 

O, but this year was so disappointing…I bought my seeds at K-Mart, Martha Stewart seed.  They did not grow!  I was lucky to get three plants per package. Ha! that is anything but quality! My advice:  Never Ever EVER buy Martha Stewart seeds.  (and “Yes,” I mean to yell. ‘I yell because I care.’)

The things that did well in my garden this year were seed bought on sales in years past, volunteers, and the potato’s were from my ‘no longer edible’ stock.  Hopefully I will be able to say something good about these, come next spring, summer and autumn. 

I truely enjoy gardening, but I do it for the results.

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