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part one: done


After knitting feriously for a week during all school hours, I have the first part of Gidions sweater done, washed and blocked.  He is very excited that it is for him and keeps trying to run off with the yarn, to play with, claiming, “Mine!?!”


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With less than two weeks until my youngest son’s birthday, I went on a hunt for the ‘prefect’ sweater pattern.  Now mind you, I already had my yarn picked out — a yellow sports weight wool that I knew he adored.  I also had a pretty good idea of the style I was after… I was just to lazy to design it myself if I could find a tried and true pattern.

After looking at three to four dozen patterns, I found this one… sure it is shown on a little girl, in pink, and it doesn’t zip down the front, but I love the schismatics.  They are made to fit!  So, with a bit of adapting, I think it will be perfect!

Pattern found here: http://www.classiceliteyarns.com/WebLetter/81/Issue81.php

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“Mom!”  Came the cry from upstairs. 

We were rearranging the pantry, finding jars for this years harvest and taking stock to see what was left from previous years.  I had just sent Adam up with two usable jars, for the job at hand.   What could possibly be wrong?

“Mom, Daniel!  Gotta come!” 

At this I was running, realizing that I had not heard a sound out of Daniel for quite some time.  With my heart in my throat, I topped the stairs, only to see him sitting at the table, glaring at his brother. 

“What seems to be the problem?”  I inquired.

“Look!”  Adam shrieked again, pointing. 

As I walked toward the table, Daniel burst into tears and shouted, “It shoulda been made a paper!  Mommy, why didn’t you make the table out of paper?”

“What have you been drawing with?”  I inquired, as calmly as I could.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

With teary eyes and a big sad face, he showed me the permanent marker he had found in Daddy’s jean pocket.   

Did you know that Astonish will take permanent marker off of table tops?  It did a great job, and now, Daniel is very careful to draw on paper.

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After harvesting and shelling the peas I really wanted some heavy, chewy bread.  The boys thought it sounded great, so we made this for supper… served with a side of salad.  Dad did not complain one iota!

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Yesterday afternoon I noticed a strange color had taken over the sky, but clouds were building, so I didn’t give it too much more thought.  Then it began to rain and hail.  Odd, the sky was yellow instead of green.  Oh well, I thought, this altitude is so different than the one I grew up at, things may just be that different.

Then the clouds cleared, but the sky didn’t.  It was then we smelled smoke in the air. 

The night before we woke to terrible thunder.  The lightning was so close that it shook the house.  We would hear the initial crack of thunder, then a moment of silence before it began to echo up the valley.  It lasted only a short time, before moving on, but made me grateful for all the controlled burning that the forest service has done this year.

However, even with the controlled burning, the lightning found something.  Evidently, it wasn’t something too big, because this morning, the smoke is gone and the sky is clear!

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I just love the way the morning sun shines through the hollyhocks in the garden.  Every day I take time just to enjoy the view out my back door.  The hummingbirds zoom from flower to flower, chasing each other around and around the stalks and through the fence.  What a delight!

What are you taking time to enjoy today?

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ready for underwear?


Potty training has been off and on for a while now.  He loves the idea, but not the practice…  This morning was no different.  He took off his diaper, sat for a few minutes, then took off streaking through the house.

When I caught up with him, he had managed to put on a pair of daddy’s undies!  It was several hours before I could convince him to give them up, in trade for training pants. 

Gotta love them!

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