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Bored! Bored! Bored!

The first title perturbed me! How dare an author of ‘Happiness’ consider such a statement to be worth any one’s time?

“I’m bored!”

This is not an acceptable statement at my house. In fact, making such a foolish statement is a sure way to spend the next hour or two doing chores. I have always figured a child who wines, hoping to get TV privileges or some other form of entertainment needs dire repercussions. It is no one’s job to entertain them. They must interested in something, and proactively seek after it! They must educate themselves in the areas of their interests.

Imagine my surprise, when that was the point of the story:

1.  Be Proactive

But, there was more to the story than just being proactive, it had elements of taking responsibility for your life, happiness and entertainment. Blaming no one for your unhappiness and boredom.


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7 habits for happy kids

The library is one of our favorite places to visit. I love to see what the boys pick out to bring home. This last week, Caleb, brought home “The 7 Habits of Happy Kids.”

I know that he thought it looked like a fun collection of stories to read; stories about bears, squirrels and rabbits. So naturally, was surprised when I announced that, “No,” I would not read it right away, it would become part of our school curriculum for the next two weeks. He looked at me in awe and wonder, while the older boys eyed me suspiciously.

What could be in that book?

What’s Inside

The Story Titles are:

  • Bored! Bored! Bored!
  • Good and the Bug-Collecting Kit
  • Pokey and the Spelling Test
  • Lily Plants a Garden
  • Jumper and the Lost Butterfly Net
  • The Big Bad Badgers
  • Sleepy Sophie

Plus it has Parent/Teacher notes and suggestions.  These tips and tidbits tell how to effectively use the book and give suggestions for kids to act on, helping them to implement what was learned in each story. 

In the next few days, I will share a bit more about this book.

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I made a pot pie for supper the other night, using up leftovers and topping it with a biscuit crust.   It is one of our favorite ways to enjoy bits of potatoes, rice and meat.  While I was using up leftovers, I also pulled the last few carrots out of the bag, before they grew any larger, and a few brussels sprouts. 

Cheers rang out!  And volunteers to peel carrots came running.  The big question thought, was, “How many brussels sprouts are there?” 

“Six,” I told them.  “One for everyone, except Gideon, because doesn’t care for them.”

A chorus of  okays rang out, and the matter was dropped.  When Manny came home, Benjamin excitedly told him what we were having, and Caleb told how he had helped to peel the carrots.  Manny cheered with them!

Then, with utmost gravity and big puppy eyes, Caleb sighed and said, “But, there are only six brussels sprouts, so we can only each have one.”  *anther deep sigh* “And Gideon doesn’t get any.”

Manny assured him that it would all be okay, and that if Gideon should want some, we could all share a bit with him.  This settled the matter, and we sat down to eat.

The pie was cut and served.  Everyone was enjoying.  Daniel, who typically won’t eat anything green, was admiring his brussels sprout as he enjoyed it leaf by leaf.  Then he noticed Gideon.  “Mommy, Gideon doesn’t have any!”

Me:  “No dear, he doesn’t like them.”

Daniel:  “Can I share with him?’

Me:  “If you really want too, you may.”

Daniel:  (full of smiles)  “Okay!”  Then leaning over to hand his brother a leaf, “Gideon, here is a leaf for you!”

Gideon took one look at it, and hid his face!  After that, the others didn’t feel quite so sorry for him.  🙂

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who needs a cat?

This morning the kids read about Ermine, a member of the Mustelidae family, and realized that the weasels they have been seeing are Ermine! 

The ones we have here are not often seen, but traces of them are found frequently… Footsteps on the back deck and around the perimeter of the house.  I have never had any sign of them in the buildings, though, and none have turned up in any of our traps.  They can grow up to 12″ long, but most that we have seen are about 7″ long.

Ermine are brown in the spring and summer but white in the winter.  They feed off of small animals such as rabbits and rats.  It seems, we could use a few more of these, as the dog killed another rat this week.  The good news is that they have 3-13 babies each spring. 

According to Wikipedia, they are territorial, and only one of each sex is likely to be found in any given location.

Image found here.

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rub my feet


One boy was complaining of not feeling well, so Manny began to rub his feet, hoping to drive the ‘ickies’ out.  In a matter of moments, he was surrounded, and feet of every size and smell were presented to him.

…This may be on of the best family shots I have gotten in a while.

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random: 0005


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getting a tan


You would think I had teenage girls, instead of little boys, by the way they have been acting lately.

Every chance they get, they are out in the sun.  Shoes and shirts disappear in a flash and sun tanning begins.  Oh, they claim, that they take off their unnecessary clothing because it is hot — I think it got up to 45* one day so far — not because they are tanning, but I don’t believe them.  They are finding any place that is high and dry to soak up the rays.

Happy St. Patrick Day!

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